for Attractions

From zoos and aquariums to museums and theme parks, helping attractions transform their audience experiences through technology both before, during, and after the visit.

Education & Learning

With specific modules for learning and outreach, the n-gage.io platform can be customised to
suit your requirements taking the attraction experience into homes, schools, the community and other educational environments.

Audience benefits.

Experience immersive technology such as augmented reality, with more engaging content, and the ability to capture and share more great memories with friends and family, whether during their visit or back at home.

Contactless experiences.

From e-ticketing to mobile wallets, and food ordering to instant messaging, the
n-gage.io platform can deliver a contactless environment in a post Covid world.

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Helping to stay always open.

Use the platform and powerful mobile application to deepen engagement both before, during, and after the visit to ensure that you can remain "always open". 

Operator benefits.

For attraction operators, the
n-gage.io platform delivers an intuitive, easy-to-use content management system, with enhanced marketing capabilities, increasing the lifetime value' of the customer.

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Experience by doing.

From a simple quiz to digital worksheets and Talk to Me artificial intelligence chat technology, the platform creates an immersive digital learning environment where doing is everything. 

Insights and data to increase engagement.

Powerful insights, data, and market intelligence to drive audience engagement.

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Experiences transformed.