Increased accessibility

in farm parks

Increased accessibility

in farm parks

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Ensuring the farm park
is always open.

With parks and attractions closed more than open during the pandemic, audiences have been given a taste of how it feels to be locked out of their favourite experiences. For many thousands of people this is a perpetual reality, with sites inaccessible to them for a plethora of reasons. Whether its improving audience engagement when a site is closed, or catering for those unable to visit or with accessibility needs, the platform and audience app provides a range of features to ensure the farm or adventure park can remain "always open".

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Improving farm park accessibility.


By the very nature of adopting an audience engagement platform, farm parks can use features to improve accessibility to their exhibits, and collections whilst promoting the core mission.


Create a more personalised farm experience based upon audience needs. The highly customisable audience app lets you communicate across a variety of media and in multiple languages making your content more accessible.


Regardless of audience location, ensure you stay always open with the customisable audience app. Create engagement off-site with those unable to visit. Deliver enriched & interactive content experiences.


The Plan Your Day feature allows those with physical disabilities and accessibility issues to filter and choose events based upon their own personal preferences and visitor interests for maximum engagement.


Use the platform trigger functionality to create interactive zoo exhibits with audio commentary to aid those with visual impairments. The app also supports accessibility technology such as screen readers.


Activate your exhibits and collections to make them interactive on and off site. Stimulate those with accessibility needs in ways not previously possible with traditional signage and printed material.

What else we do for farm parks.

Audience engagement


Audience engagement


Audience engagement


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