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Creating digital trails
at your attraction using
a mobile visitor app

n-gage.io’s unique digital trail and tour feature that’s helping to drive interactive experiences across  the global attractions industry.

Digital technology has the potential to greatly improve the trails and tours of all types of attractions and destinations, whilst increasing visitor engagement and keeping them immersed in your environment. 

Attraction Management Software and Mobile App
Making this a reality, is the feature-rich, end to end attraction management software and mobile app from n-gage.io, that’s helping global attractions to create interactive and engaging trail experiences - without the need for technology expertise and with just a little imagination.

The Trail Builder
The new trail builder feature is giving all kinds of attractions and destinations the power to build their own digitally interactive trail or tour to help guide, educate and inform their visitors. The feature can be used to create a safari drive, guided walk, or any other type of interactive trail that serves up useful and interesting information along the way in the form of all types of media and content.

Combining the power of the operator platform with GPS satellite or beacon technology, means the accompanying mobile app can become a virtual trail or tour guide for all types of uses and applications. From zoos and safari parks, to aquariums, museums and heritage sites, the new feature can transform the visitor experience whilst providing operators with a highly customisable and sustainable trail solution. 

Trails can be as interactive as the imagination, and can accommodate all types of media including imagery, audio and video along the way in the form of interactive triggered content.

Simple and quick to build
Building a trail is simple, initially adding waypoints onto an interactive map and deciding what the trail should display as you navigate the trail either on foot, by car or other transport. Wayfinding instructions are automatically provided by the mobile app’s interactive map, with notifications and updates on things to do or look out for – all created and easily uploaded by the operator via the n-gage.io platform which is then immediately published on the mobile visitor app. 

Audio tours are a popular option for all types of attractions. They can be seamlessly created and accessed through the mobile app allowing visitors to learn about their surroundings at their own pace. Controlled in the platform, operators can decide to let the app user guide themselves, or make  trails navigate and update automatically as they pass through given waypoints.

Supporting sustainability
The new feature also helps support the sustainability efforts of all types of attractions by reducing the need for paper maps, guide books, brochures or signage, enabling more efficient use of resources. Navigation and points of interest information can all be handled through the platform and represented in the visitor experience mobile app. 

By incorporating digital trail interaction, both attractions and destinations can provide a more immersive and engaging experience for their visitors, while also supporting their sustainability goals.

When using these tools, attractions such as wildlife parks, zoos and aquariums can also provide visitors with a unique and interactive experience whilst educating them about the exhibits and the importance of conservation. Besides, it’s a great way to generate additional revenue for the attraction operator as it can also help to promote sponsorship of enclosures or exhibit adoption projects for example. For museums and heritage sites, the trail builder can transform a visitor’s journey across the attraction, enriching the experience with additional exhibit or historical content, alongside the vital work undertaken by tour guides and visitor experience teams.

So what does a creating digital trail look like?
Creating and managing a trail couldn’t be simpler. Here's a plan for a hypothetical digital trail or safari through a zoo or wildlife park using the n-gage.io platform and mobile visitor app.

The Welcome: The tour starts with a welcome commentary that introduces the zoo trail or safari and its mission to protect and conserve wildlife. The commentary also gives visitors an overview of what they can expect to see across the trail, with any accompanying advice and guidance.

Interactive Map: The trail can be followed on the mobile app’s interactive map of the zoo, allowing visitors to explore the different areas and exhibits at their own pace. The map includes waypoints for each exhibit, as well as information about the animals, their habitats and other useful information. Waypoints are added in the software’s operator platform using simple create, drag and drop functionality and connected to new or existing exhibit information already added into the platform.

Audio Narration: The trail contains an audio narrative for each exhibit, providing visitors with detailed information about the animals and their behaviours. The audio is triggered by GPS functionality or a Bluetooth beacon that communicates to the app as visitors approach each enclosure or zone. The audio is simply uploaded as a media file and can be attached to any trail welcome screens, exhibits, or other parts of the trail where relevant, and of course updated or changed at any time, immediately becoming live in the mobile app.

Interactive Elements: Across the trail, visitors can be encouraged to access interactive quizzes, or provide feedback on what they see, making the digital trail even more dynamic, fun, and educational

Completing the Trail: The trail concludes with additional information that summarises the key takeaways from the experience and encourages visitors to support the zoo's mission to protect and conserve wildlife.

The scenario above can play out as an automated or manual virtual trail, thus expanding the audience's interactive engagement.

Accessible Experiences
With accessibility and inclusion high on the agenda for attractions, the digital trail feature also provides ways to enhance the overall experience for visitors both on and off site. The traditional way of visiting an attraction can occasionally be challenging for those with physical and cognitive disabilities. However, another advantage of the virtual trail is the ability to potentially access them from anywhere and incorporate a range of different experiences, ensuring as many people as possible can enjoy them. Making sure the attraction is also accessible during periods of closure is also vital to maintain visitor engagement, whether that’s outside normal opening hours or due to other external influences such as the COVID pandemic or other forced closures.

So why not consider enhancing your visitor attraction experience with a digitally interactive trail to enhance audience engagement. To discover all the benefits of how n-gage.io can help your attraction to embrace digital to enhance the experience, gain valuable insights and drive revenues, get in touch, and book a free demo today.

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