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Ensuring your
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is always open.

How attraction management software can keep audiences engaged and help diversify revenue, even when your visitor attraction is closed

“It’s a girl! A beautiful, healthy baby hippo has just been born at the zoo, and we want to share her milestones with you.” This is the kind of messaging zoos and wildlife parks can send their audiences through push notifications – even when the zoo or park is closed - to capture their attention and increase visitor interaction to build not only awareness, but loyalty too, which down the line, can translate into sustained revenue. 

This type of time sensitive situation (or any relevant content), can be videoed, edited, and uploaded on the zoo’s website, or direct to the n-gage.io’s cloud-based attraction management software platform.  Through the corresponding mobile visitor app, zoos and wildlife parks (any visitor attraction), can take their visitors on an enriched content experience to further explore the new arrival’s daily achievements. Using dynamic digital media, including video and audio, can transform zoo engagement and deepen learning both on and off site.

Growing audiences intelligently
When a zoo or wildlife park is closed, whether it’s for maintenance purposes, or black swan events such as the recent pandemic, it's important to maintain audience engagement to keep visitors interested and connected to the park. This can be achieved using the data and audience insights provided by the n-gage.io platform.

By adopting a more flexible approach to how audiences interact with a zoo or wildlife park’s collections, zoos can make the shift from exhibit-based to dynamic content delivery where stories can be told, and additional media can be enjoyed. In this way the n-gage.io platform becomes an extension of the zoo or park’s curated content alongside other digital assets such as social media, to help deepen learning, education, and overall engagement.

Share tailored behind-the-scenes content

Digitalising media can be a powerful tool for connecting with visitors and keeping them in the loop and interested in your attraction.  The n-gage.io platform allows zoos and wildlife parks to share behind-the-scenes content, animal updates, and educational resources. Another way to stay engaged with the public and to generate income is through virtual experiences and tours. This could include virtual zoo visits, or live animal webcams.

Each time a visitor interacts through the mobile app – whether on or off site – data is recorded and interpreted, which allows the platform to log visitor behaviour for instance, providing the operator with valuable insights which can then be used to personalise notifications and emails.
Push notifications keep visitors informed

And when the zoo or park is closed, push notifications and email features on the n-gage.io platform can be used to keep visitors informed about updates and upcoming virtual events, send them vouchers that can be redeemed on site and so on. This can further help drive engagement and keep visitors aware about what's happening.

Using audience insights and data to understand visitors' interests and behaviours, and tailoring content and offerings, accordingly, helps grow a zoo or park’s audience and creates a more personalised experience for visitors.

By engaging with an audience and encouraging them to share their experiences and interact with the park through the n-gage.io app, helps foster a sense of community and keep visitors engaged even when the park is closed.

By using these strategies, zoos and wildlife parks can maintain audience engagement and help mitigate the impact of closures on revenue and visitor engagement.

Engaged visitors means more revenue

Generating income when a zoo or park is closed can be a challenge, but with software such as n-gage.io there are several ways that zoos can digitally generate income.

More engaged visitors and audiences usually means more opportunity to drive revenues. The n-gage.io platform has made it possible for zoos and safari/wildlife parks to form interactive, longer lasting and more sustainable relationships with their audiences. 

Whether open or closed, operators can derive diversified revenue, for instance, from push notification offers for special events or animal experiences based on previous interests, or add-ons such as access to a ‘’live enclosure cam” to watch that baby hippo, which, when the attraction re-opens, helps encourage the fan to come and visit the animal in question. 

This move to digital paves the way for an always on, thoroughly engaged worldwide audience. To optimise the interaction, zoos and parks should aim to integrate the audience engagement platform and app with other digital channels such as TikTok and YouTube, to drive interest in their wider messaging.

A range of features to keep your zoo or park “always open”

During the Covid pandemic, zoos and wildlife parks were closed more often than open. This is when audiences were given a taste of how it feels to be locked out of their favourite experiences. For many thousands of people this is a perpetual reality, with sites inaccessible to them for a plethora of reasons. 

The n-gage.io platform and audience app offer a variety of features to ensure that the zoo or safari park can stay "always open," whether it's enhancing audience engagement while a site is closed or catering for those unable to visit or with accessibility concerns.

To discover more benefits and how n-gage.io can increase and sustain your audience engagement, get in touch, or let us show you – book a demo today.

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