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The data economy is shaping our future, so give audiences the content they want, not what you think they do using intelligent attraction management software.

Audiences come in all shapes and sizes, and whether a corporate or retail business looking to understand their customer profile and what ‘moves’ them, or an event or visitor attraction, each has a need to ‘engage’ with the hearts, minds, and ultimately the wallets of their potential revenue targets.

The premise is simple: give people more of the content they want, not what you, as the business thinks they want.

The secret lies in knowing who you are dealing with, their preferences and what motivates them to make decisions – knowledge gain, incentive, or reward, for example – and this relies on the continuous interpretation of billions of bytes of real time data that are generated every second of the day.

The data insights business has become an industry, as the need to analyse patterns and predict trends that can give a company a competitive edge now drives all business. As a United Nations report on the data economy shows, “data is shaping the future of humanity.”

The very mention of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and data analysis in years gone by would see business leaders’ eyes glaze over and the CFO’s heart palpitate at the potential cost of implementing complicated software programmes and the need to hire the experts to run them.

Technology has become a part of our everyday lives and with it, a simplification of technology stacks that do not require several degrees to operate them. The age of audience engagement is here and with it, the capability to enhance any business – no matter their size or sector - that has an audience.

Bringing the science of audience engagement and the audience fulfilment factor together in a single platform, n-gage.io has developed a powerful cloud-based SaaS audience engagement software and mobile-web application, that can help all manner of businesses seamlessly create, customise and control, digitally enabled audience, and visitor interactions and experiences.

Developed for the global experience economy and attraction sector (think museums, zoos, aquariums, wildlife parks, cultural heritage sites, theme parks etc), the n-gage.io audience engagement platform (AEP) is gaining a following across the business landscape.

Quick to install, easy to operate, the AEP is fast tracking audience engagement and fuelling business growth. Below, we’ve listed a simplified view of some of the core features the platform and its app deliver that can be tailored to suit any operator.

Core Platform FeaturesFeatures

Status, Dwell Time, Interactions
The n-gage.io dashboard provides a summary of key visitor/audience interactions and insights through a variety of summary dashboard displays including status, average dwell times, and content/trigger interactions across a selection of time periods.

Interactions, Engagement, Feedback
The Insights module is the go-to management reporting tool to track and monitor all key
engagement insights. From dwell times to heat mapping and interactions, the Insights module gives you the power to segment, analyse and interpret your audience data using simple tools. Think Google Analytics but for active visitor/audience engagement both on and off site.

Exhibits, Collections, Features, Points of Interest
Create and add customisable content for your audience/visitor mobile app. Based around several customisable app templates, you can configure menus and sections, add multimedia content (text, images, video, and audio), together with interacting facts and info - in advance and on the go. Being user-permission-based means that multiple dashboard users can update information as it happens and on the fly.

Event Types, Event Schedule
Create, add, and manage events from a central place. Customise event types and use the event scheduler to set-up events and sub-events to appear in the app. Add one-off or recurring events - set date, time and location parameters and add related media. This allows your audience to plan their day/visit through the app.

Lesson Plans, Quizzes
The n-gage.io platform allows operators to create lesson plans for use by school and educational groups of all ages, or can be adapted for staff engagement etc. Add activities and learning outcomes. Use the Quiz module to create and add quizzes. Attach to exhibits or features, if applying in the visitor attraction or event sectors to enhance engagement and learning as an example.

Segments, Offers, Messages
A highly powerful audience segmentation tool to help analyse and segment audiences based
on app engagement and interactions both on and off site. Once segmented, the Offers module can be used to create incentives for redemption. The n-gage.io messaging feature allows operators to reach out to customised audience segments by both push notification and email. These can include surveys, polls and Q&As, which can all be sent to segmented audiences to gather further insights. This can be especially powerful for sponsors or partners for example, who can run targeted promotions through the platform onto the app, direct to individual users based on their activity on site.

Achievements, Frames
Create customised achievement-based activities for completion in the audience/visitor app. Add custom photo frames to the Capture Your Day app feature for instance in the visitor attraction sector, for enhanced audience engagement and social media shareability.

Interactive Map, Sites, Zones, Facilities
The location module allows operators to create interactive maps, including sites, zones, and facilities. Plot points of interest on the map for wayfinding. Set geo-fenced boundaries to trigger interactive content and monitor dwell time using GPS and beaconing. Analyse heat maps and visitor flow around your site to help with future planning.

Beacons, Object Detection, QR Codes
The Beacon Configurator automatically configures, and monitors installed beacon activity. Check battery life, scanning range and beacon set-up with simple to use controls. Add multimedia to the object detection tool. This powerful feature includes machine learning and AI technology to learn to recognise an object using the mobile app Discover function. Use the dynamic QR code generator to create triggers and redemption codes - also of great use for on-site activations.

Trigger Manager
The Trigger Manager helps to create and add triggers to interactive app experiences. Use the beacon, object recognition or QR code functionality to create audience engagement and improve operations.

Customisation Settings
General Details, Social Profiles, Branding, Legal Information
Include general details and links to social media accounts. Use the customisation tools to apply branding to the operator platform and mobile app. Add legal information such as Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy etc

Once the domain of only the major companies, fast, smart audience engagement and insights are now accessible to every sized organisation. With the economic influence of the data economy steadily growing, there is no time like the present to jump in to secure business sustainability – no matter what your business.

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