Taking a Stand for the Visitor Attractions

Audience engagement platform n-gage exhibits at the Museum + Heritage Show 2022.

Today (5 May) is African World Heritage Day, which aims to promote and celebrate the rich diversity of the African continent, its history, and its communities.  

2022 also marks 30 years of the UK’s Museum + Heritage show that brings together operators, suppliers, industry bodies and more, all in one place to discuss everything and anything to do with the sector and focus the mind on the importance cultural heritage has in our sustainable development as a world.

From monetising the visitor journey, to case studies and networking, the common denominator linking all aspects of the show and the sector itself, is technology and the digital agenda.  

Cutting to the heart of the matter, North East of England based SaaS provider, n-gage.io will be taking a stand at this year’s event, to present their powerful and highly customisable audience engagement platform and experience app, demonstrating its capabilities to enhance learning, diversify revenues, increase accessibility and deliver valuable insights.

What’s different about n-gage.io?

Built from the ground up for the experience economy, n-gage.io not only focuses on enriching the audience experience on and off site, but offers the museum and heritage sector an opportunity to get to know their audience better, interpreting data to provide insights that enhance engagement.  This with the aim of prolonging interaction and creating sustainable relationships that drive audience growth and generate revenue.

The Cloud-hosted platform is highly customisable, yet simple to install and operate without any technical knowledge.  By tracking dwell time and engagement through the use of the audience experience-powered app, the operator can begin to get a sense of which exhibits/displays/content are attracting the most attention compared to those that aren't.  This informs curation whilst serving up tailored content to the visitor for a more engaging and enriched experience.

The n-gage.io platform combines a range of tools to enhance the interactive audience experience, increase engagement and track behaviour. Just some of these platform features include event planning, education modules, beacon triggering and object recognition, heat mapping, digital navigation and signposting, digital asset management, content management, push notification, membership management, gamification and feedback and behaviour tracking. 

The ability to continue the conversation with visitors, once they have left the building, with the content they want to engage with, is also a real opportunity for the industry.  As too, n-gage.io’s advanced 3-D object recognition software and beacon trigger technology, making onsite experiences at these establishments, fully immersive.

Gamification modules that also speak to the reward and redemption culture for audience retention, further contribute to the platform’s unique feature set.   

For conservation efforts, the platform is capable of delivering vast amounts of in-depth content and to visitors' smartphones that use the audience experience app - anywhere they might be, spreading necessary messages further and influencing hearts and minds.

Automatically generated push notifications can send out messages to help gather more insights, to assist in curation as well as ongoing communication. 

People Engagement 

The team behind the platform have an intimate understanding of not only the museums and heritage sector, but also of marketing and technology.  Backed by Growth Capital Ventures, the team’s combined knowledge and experience are thus a powerful engine for leading digital transformation across the sector.

n-gage.io can be found on Stand Q9, at the Museums + Heritage show 11 -12 May at Olympia West. n-gage.io will be hosting a live demonstration of its platform on Thursday 12 May 14:35-15:00 showing how museum and heritage attractions can easily digitally transform to participate in today’s and tomorrow’s experience economy.


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