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SaaS audience engagement platform, n-gage.io, to showcase the power of data to understand audience behaviour and drive business growth at IAAPA Expo Europe.

The leisure industry’s premier event, IAAPA Expo Europe, gets underway next week, 12 September 2022, and Durham-based SaaS provider, n-gage.io will be there to present their unique hybrid attraction management software and visitor experience app to a sector that is still in the nascence of digital transformation.

As the ‘experience economy’ grows worldwide, so does the need to better understand how audiences and visitors interact with the visitor attraction in question, and how the operator of that attraction, can form longer and more meaningful connections with visitors.

N-gage.io through its purpose-built and highly customisable cloud-based audience engagement platform, offers the leisure industry an opportunity to get to know their visitors better, interpreting data to provide insights that enhance engagement. This prolonged interaction helps create sustainable relationships, that can also generate and diversify revenue streams.

Driving the digital conversion of the industry is the ubiquitous mobile phone, whose fuel is the data generated by millions of daily interactions that has stimulated an entire sector devoted to analysing this information.

Looking forward to demonstrating their simple yet powerful platform that is rapidly advancing the attractions sector, Bryan Hoare, Founder and CEO of Fame Media Tech, the developers of n-gage.io says: “Mobile marks the one of the single biggest opportunities for the visitor attraction sector to directly attract, engage, and retain growing numbers of interested audiences. Unlocking meaningful audience engagement generates data about their behaviour, which if used intelligently, can be the key to sustainability across the industry.

“However, we need to make SaaS and mobile technology more accessible for everyone, particularly where barriers to entry exist such as lack of technical expertise, affordability and speed of deployment are concerned. n-gage.io combines powerful SaaS attraction management technology with a highly customisable mobile app, to help the global attraction, leisure, and entertainment industry to improve operations, enhance audience engagement, gain valuable insights, and increase revenues.

“Affordable, simple to use and quick to deploy, we’re delighted to showcase the n-gage.io software and mobile app at IAAPA Expo Europe.”

Globally, the tourism market is currently estimated to be worth more than USD150 billion and is expected to increase as lockdown restrictions continue to lessen. Tours and accommodation offerings though, are only a fraction of the overall experience sector, which also includes visitor attractions be they museums, aquariums, zoos, wildlife parks, heritage and culture exhibits, open gardens, theme parks and so on.

n-gage.io is also generating interest across other sectors where audience engagement is key including events and trade show exhibitions, festivals, and shopping malls.

“Visitor attractions have a phenomenal opportunity to adapt their marketing and digital transformation strategies to take full advantage of mobile. Mobile and audience engagement are perfect partners for building long-term and engaging relationships with customers,” affirms Kate Dearlove, co-founder of Fame Media Tech and head of content at the company.

Of the multiple millions of mobile phone users, many are Gen D, and if there’s one thing known about this generation who live and breathe creation and consumption of data, it is that they expect to have personalised engagement, something the n-gage.io platform has been built around.

The how
Powering a highly customisable audience engagement app, there’s numerous ways that operators can use the cloud-based platform to creative interactive and engaging experiences that make use of the latest technology. From dynamic QR codes to beacon triggering and object recognition, the platform has been designed from the ground up for the experience economy to be simple to use without any technical expertise required.

The real power of data though, is the valuable insights that can help the attraction industry to better define their business, curate it, and understand audience flow to plan, and even to predict behaviour, and of course, to offer a continued and more personalised and engaging experience.

There are many more tools and benefits delivered by the AEP, but the point is that each interaction propagates another layer of information, which helps to build a picture of visitor’s likes and dislikes. Armed with this, attractions can segment their visitors and serve them the personalised content they want – in the moment and even keep them in the loop long afterwards, to continue to create engagement turning one day visitors into loyal fans.

n-gage.io will be on stand 2934 at the IAAPA Expo Europe - 13 to 15 September at ExCel, London.

To contact Bryan Hoare or Kate Dearlove, please email them on:

For media enquiries, please contact: kaz@networxpr.co.za

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