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The power of
digital adoptions
for zoos & wildlife parks.


n-gage.io’s unique digital sponsorship and adoption feature that’s helping to drive the conservation effort in zoos, wildlife parks and aquariums.

Ask any zoo, wildlife park or aquarium operator about their adoptions or sponsorship programme and you may be faced with talk of endless spreadsheets, the adoption signage challenge, and the time and resources required to keep on top of the whole process.

Whilst adoption management appears to be just another diversion away from animal husbandry and other vital work, we all know it has real potential to help generate additional valuable funds for the conservation effort.

So when it comes to adoptions management, how can technology help you to streamline the process so you remain focused on other vital work?

Taking a digital approach to adoptions is just what the team at n-gage.io have done as part of a pilot with one of their existing customers in the zoo sector. The highly customisable attraction management software platform and visitor mobile app has recently introduced a new adoptions management and sponsorship tool that makes light work of both the management process and how visitors are recognised for their valuable contributions.

In an effort to address sustainability, the mobile app now provides an adoption/sponsorship feature against any exhibit, collection or zone added in the operator platform, showcasing the adopters name and type of support in-app along with content around how their support is being utilised. Adopters can search for their own adoption in-app, whilst all adoptees can be viewed by any app user, just in the same way that visitors would usually read accompanying enclosure signage.

We all know there is a fine line between maintaining natural looking enclosure habitats versus giving the right level of exposure for adopters or sponsors on-site. Quite often the dilemma is more related to the limitations placed on space for accompanying signage, against the need to generate more funds from adoption or sponsorship initiatives.

The latest feature from n-gage.io aims to address this, and whilst some signage may always be beneficial, the volume of additional digital adoptions now possible, creates endless possibilities to drive revenue and growth in this important area.

With every new adopter however comes the management of that adoption. When did the adoption start, when does it end, and have we reminded all those about to expire? How do we up-sell the benefits?

The powerful operator platform helps operators to manage the entire adoptions process, from creating adoption tiers to assigning names and creating automated reminders. In effect, the software simplifies the entire process whilst enhancing adopter engagement.

Corporate sponsors have been catered for here too. With the ability to add organisations in the system, businesses can also be recognised with logos and information about the contributions they also make in-app.

Promoting adoptions and sponsorship in this way can increase engagement and foster a sense of community and connection to those who are assisting the zoo or wildlife park to raise awareness and funds. So with digitised adoptions and sponsorships presenting a more sustainable way to recognise these valuable contributions, can you afford not to embrace digital when it comes to adoption and sponsorship management?

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