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Transforming your
Farm Park with audience engagement technology.

Farm Parks – Fun, Interactive and Educational

Perfect environments for audience engagement technology.

Family-friendly farm attractions are geared towards a hands-on approach, which is why they are so popular for families with young children who want to get up close to furry and feathery farmyard friends.
Visitors are encouraged to feed and groom the animals. Budding farmers can get a taste of agricultural life; milk cows, go on tractor and trailer rides, ride a pony, meet the farm’s newest baby arrivals, and many other new experiences for people of all ages.

It is understandable then, why so many families are choosing agritourism for family outings, given the rising popularity of farm parks around the world.

Children's farms give children the opportunity to interact closely with animals and learn about farming's heritage and history. Some farm parks even have a museum to give visitors an insight into farming from days gone by and working practices back then.

An exciting and innovative Audience Engagement Platform (AEP), created by attraction management software specialists, n-gage.io, has been developed to provide new ways to excite and inform families visiting a farm park, and help the farm park owner to measure impact and gain valuable insights about the park’s visitors, as well as their own operations.

Family fun and education – how the platform can enrich experiences for all involved, including educators

Farm parks are incredibly important for teaching us about the value of conservation and how to better maintain our environment. The farm park industry inspires all of us, but especially the younger generation, who will ultimately become our farmers of the future.

Farm parks' involvement in teaching and learning, helps in forming everyone's opinions on protecting the long-term health of our environment. To generate even more impact, farm parks need to continuously engage with their visitors. Finding new ways to excite and inform visitors is at the heart of n-gage.io platform’s challenge.

The n-gage.io platform has been built to improve farm parks’ visitor engagement before, during and after, with content to help inform, inspire, and educate. It’s a tool that can create ongoing conversations that can lead to loyal fans and thus, long term relationships and benefits – for both parties.

The extremely customisable software has a diverse range of engagement tools to power a farm park’s digital experience. It is an affordable, easy to use, digital transformation solution giving the farm park owner and operator the power to interact with their visitors in ways the visitor will respond to, as the platform has a powerful audience segmentation tool.

This helps the operator create customised and personalised content that can also be pushed to the user (the visitor), via their smartphone audience experience app (a mirror of the farm park’s look and feel), email, messaging and so on.

And putting the audience at the heart of a digital farm park experience doesn’t need a lot of resources. Using the n-gage.io platform and app helps the farm park find new audiences, all the while increasing revenues and gaining valuable insights into visitor behaviour.

Customisable, engaging, and educational content.

Customizable, entertaining, and informative material is at the core of the n-gage.io platform and is instantly available to farm park visitors through the mobile farm park visitor app.

Using the platform, a farm park can digitise entire collections or introduce a new enclosure to their previous members or on-site visitors, provide means to navigate around the park, and more, creating innovative ways of discovery to unearth new facts, find a specific animal and learn more about them.

A family visiting a farm park could be observing animal behaviour in a cowbarn and a beacon in the enclosure will trigger more content on the app, for example, about how cows produce milk, the process milk goes through after it has been collected, to its destination in supermarket fridges.

Knowledge and gamification tools can also be used to set challenges and fun activities for families visiting a farm park. Once a nearby beacon has triggered the n-gage.io app, content is presented as a game the family can play to explore more about the world of cows! Customizable, entertaining, and informative material is at the core of the n-gage.io platform and is instantly available to farm park visitors through the Farm Park visitor app.

This drives audience engagement whilst gaining valuable insights into both on-site and off-site audience behaviour to help the farm park’s planning.

Farm parks may use the built-in lesson planning capabilities of the n-gage.io app to construct custom lesson plans and link particular displays and collections throughout the farm; an invaluable tool for educators who are accompanying a class of children on an educational farm park outing.

The n-gage.io platform supports learning and education with specific features to enrich exhibit and collection engagement, with customised dynamic digital content so no two visits are ever the same.

The feature-rich cloud-based operator-driven platform helps farm parks create engaging and interactive journeys of discovery without any technical skills required… and just a little imagination.

Interact with visitors after the experience.

Both farm park operators and their marketers place significant importance on attracting guests and then keeping them interested after they leave. The n-gage.io platform also offers a chance to keep audiences engaged after they've visited a farm park, to get insightful feedback on the impact of the farm. With the use of surveys and feedback features, this data can be used to track behavioural changes and gain insightful information.

More engaged visitors and audiences usually means more revenue. The n-gage.io technology makes it possible for farm and adventure parks to form interactive, longer lasting, and more sustainable relationships with their audiences.

Earn more revenue.

A big advantage of the n-gage.io platform is that it can help farm parks derive diversified revenue from push notification offers, additional ticket sales and add-ons such as special seasonal events.

Farm parks can also target regular visitors with annual membership marketing drives using valuable data insights taken from the platform as it monitors engagement and dwell time. The platform also provides the opportunity to convert one-day farm passes into annual memberships, create personalised messaging to regular and potential visitors, and sell member benefits, gift vouchers and offers.

From special talks and displays, to annual seasonal events, the n-gage.io platform’s marketing tools can be used to promote tickets and drive audience interest across the farm park calendar, with personalised messaging and notifications.

And you can communicate across a range of media and in multiple languages, making your content even more accessible.

Ensuring the farm park is always open.

Because of the Covid pandemic, farm parks and attractions have been closed more often than they have been open of late, giving visitors a taste of what it's like to be excluded from their favourite activities. For thousands of people, this is an ongoing reality because many sites are inaccessible to them due to cost, disability, or location.

The n-gage.io platform and audience app offers a variety of features to guarantee the farm remains "open"... digitally, whether it's about increasing audience participation while a farm park is closed, or accommodating those people who can't visit or have accessibility concerns.

Because of the nature of an audience engagement platform, farm parks can use features to improve accessibility to their exhibits and collections, while also promoting the core mission. The “Plan Your Day” feature allows people with physical disabilities and accessibility issues to choose events they prefer for maximum engagement. And the platform’s trigger functionality can be used to create interactive exhibits with audio commentary for visitors who have visual impairments.

Raising awareness about the environment.

Farm parks are constantly working to strike a balance between fun, education, and the environment. It can be difficult to strike that balance between providing the appropriate degree of pleasure and engagement required at a visitor attraction and educating and motivating our passion for the natural world.

The dedication of farmers, zookeepers, and wildlife rangers ensures that animal care continues to be a top priority when developing habitats for people to experience nature. The difficult part is figuring out how to encourage and involve visitors in environmental protection along the route.

Using the platform's analytics, farm parks can segment their audience data and then use this to create more engaged relationships through personalised messaging and notifications to raise awareness and promote environmental issues.

There’s a world of wonder to discover in farm parks around the world, one in which an Audience Engagement solution like n-gage.io can add significant value.

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