Audience engagement

at festivals

Audience engagement

at festivals

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Turning audiences
into loyal fans.

Are you looking to enhance your festivals’ audience engagement both before, during and after a visit? The platform has been built from the ground up with festivals and events in mind to help convert audiences into loyal fans. The highly customisable software is packed with engagement tools to power your festivals' digital experience. An affordable, easy to use, digital transformation solution giving you the power to get interactive and create your own festival experience app. Putting the audience at the heart of your digital festival experience doesn’t need all of your resources. Embrace digital and use the power of technology to find new audiences, whilst increasing revenues and gaining valuable insights into their onsite behaviour.

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Engagement functionality.


Create customisable and engaging content surrounding your festival. Use the power of beacon technology to trigger interactive content and monitor dwell times. Engage fans both before, during and after your festival.


Stimulate engagement with prompts, notifications and news, all easily configured in the platform. Highlight key messages around new acts and performances with our powerful messaging system. Drive revenues through F&B push offers.


Digitise the festivals's line-up and sort into collections and genres creating new innovative ways of discovery. Improve engagement with more enriched content. Unearth new content, find specific information and learn more about what's on.


Enrich the fan or audience experience as the platform takes your audience on a journey of discovery. Use digital media including video and audio to transform engagement both on and off site.


the platform supports learning and education with specific functionality to enrich visits and guided tours. From reinforcing environmental messages to health and safety, we’ve got you covered.


Built from the ground up for the experience economy, transform the way you engage turning your audiences into loyal fans. Create an even more memorable festival experience using the power of technology.

What else we do for festivals and events.

Audience engagement


Audience engagement


Audience engagement


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