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Audience experiences


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Audience facing experience app.

The platform delivers powerful ways to increase and enhance the audience experience both on and off-site by creating more meaningful engagement with your content through the highly customisable audience app. With intelligent tracking as standard, get the inside track on what visitors to your museum, aquarium, wildlife park, or zoo are doing, allowing you to serve up even more engaging content and a more tailored experience, increasing engagement, gaining valuable insights and diversifying revenue streams.

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Key Functionality.

Smart Scan.

Use our smart scan technology to create interactive experiences. From object and image recognition to beacon triggering and custom QR codes, use the platform to transform the audience and guest experience.


Our mapping and way finding technology gives you the power to enhance the audience experience whether outdoors or indoors. From interactive trails and tours to finding their way, use our tools to make navigation seamless.


Personalise content and educate and inspire with our inbuilt notifications and messaging system. Follow-up with push notifications and create engagement post visit. Keep in touch with your audience to stay “always open”.

Other creative solutions.

By industry.

Creating more loyal and engaged audiences.
An audience engagement platform powering interactive, engaging and educational mobile-web applications for the global experience industry including attractions, venues and destinations.

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