Diversified revenue

in zoos

Diversified revenue

in zoos

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From donations
to annual membership.

Getting visitors through the doors and then keeping them engaged after they’ve left, is part of the grand prize for zoo operators and their marketers alike. More engaged visitors and audiences usually means more revenue. Technology has made it possible for zoos and safari parks, to form interactive, longer lasting and more sustainable relationships with their ‘audiences’. Derive diversified revenue from push notification offers, additional ticket sales and add-ons such as special events. Target regular visitors with annual membership marketing drives using valuable data insights taken from the platform as its monitors engagement and dwell time.

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Drive spending and
revenue potential.


Turn one day zoo passes into annual memberships. Use the platform to create personalised messaging and engagement to get closer to your audience. Upsell member benefits, gift vouchers and offers. 


Combine the platform's powerful messaging functionality with trigger based notifications to help your zoo's fundraising effort. Notify your audience about exhibit or collection specific donations.


Offer incentives, discounts and pre-booking of on the day available extras generating additional zoo revenue. Unlock achievement based activations to encourage further spending and and engagement.


Drive additional revenue by promoting targeted upgrades to tickets and on the day experiences. Promote revisits through compelling personalised emails and push notifications linked to previous visitor activity.


From special talks and displays, to annual seasonal events, use the platforms marketing tools to promote tickets and drive audience interest across the zoo event calendar with personalised messaging and notifications.


Continue to stimulate your audience both during and after their visit with highly targeted activations. Trigger engagement based notifications based on location, dwell time and a host of other parameters.

What else we do for zoos & safari parks.

Audience engagement


Audience engagement


Audience engagement


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