Enhanced learning

in zoos

Enhanced learning

in zoos

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Transforming the
learning experience
in zoos & safari parks.

Zoos and safari parks have a huge role to play in educating us about protecting the environment and the importance of conservation. The zoology sector provides inspiration for us all but particularly our next generation who will ultimately be our conservationists of tomorrow. The role zoos and safari parks play in learning and education helps to shape all our minds about protecting the future wellbeing of our planet and our animal kingdom. To generate impact we need continuous engagement. Finding new ways to excite and inform is at the heart of our challenge, but also to help you measure your impact to gain valuable insights.

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Learning functionality.


Create engaging and educational zoo content. Use our beacon technology and object recognition to trigger learning experiences. Test knowledge and use gamification tools to set challenges.


Use in-built lesson planning functionality to create customised lesson plans. Link specific exhibits and collections across the zoo. Automate educational visits to create dynamic learning modules used on and off site.


Encourage zoo exploration. Educational groups can set up group leaders to manage visits, taking control of the audience app to share with others when smartphone or tablet use is restricted with younger ones.


Learn through gamification. Create quizzes and achievement based unlockable content. Combine gamification features with trails and tours to appeal to young zoo explorers to enhance the learning journey.


the n-gage.io platform supports zoo learning and education with specific features to enrich exhibit and collection engagement. Create customised dynamic digital content where no two visits are ever the same.


Continue to stimulate audiences after a zoo visit to gain valuable feedback on the zoos impact. Measure changes in behaviour with feedback features and surveys to gain valuable insights.

What else we do for zoos & safari parks.

Audience engagement


Audience engagement


Audience engagement


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