Building loyalty

in museums

Building loyalty

in museums

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Turn one day passes
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Maximising visitor satisfaction & experience is in.  By understanding how visitors feel and what they take out of the experience, attractions can form longer lasting and more loyal, as well as profitable relationships with their audiences. There is a growing need for a better understanding of the experience and what drives audience and visitor satisfaction, as well as engagement. In understanding the stimuli that triggers behaviour, the attraction operator is empowered to mould strategies to encourage visits and then increase the number of times visitors return.  


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Loyalty functionality.


Getting to know your audience's behaviour and preferences helps to personalise their experience. Use the platforms data insights and behavioural tracking to monitor and measure engagement.


Use the platform's analytics to segment your audience data. Use the intelligence to create more engaged relationships through personalised messaging and notifications to build loyalty. 


Develop a more targeted and personalised relationship with your audience both on and off site. Match interests to exhibits and collections to create connected experiences. Drive loyalty through engagement.


Stay in touch with your audience with updates and notifications based on interests and behaviour. Use engagement data to customise  and personalise your marketing communications.


Redeem offers, incentives, discounts and pre-booking of on the day activities. Derive revenue from additional ticket sales, and create an extended database for future direct annual membership marketing drives. 


Create bespoke campaigns derived from platform data insights that deliver higher percentage returns and conversions. Encourage more return visits from existing customers to drive revenue and profitability.

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Audience engagement


Audience engagement


Audience engagement


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