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Key insights

in museums

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Unlocking insights to
improve engagement.

The right content at the right time to the right person. This tops the list for generating audience engagement. Audiences expect brands to tailor experiences based on their preferences. The same is now expected of the visitor attraction sector. Insights and analytics on dwell time and engagement are automatically generated through the operator platform via the audience app. This in turn, assists with the segmentation of data to tailor communications. Receiving something pertinent to a visitor’s likes goes a long way to winning loyal fans.


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Insights functionality.


Measure your audience's behaviour both on and off site by tracking their activity, dwell time and content engagement. Gain valuable insights to help personalise the experience and build loyal relationships.


Use the platform's survey tool to gain valuable feedback on talks, seminars and exhibit collections. Obtain real-time data to make informed decisions on how to improve the overall museum experience. 


Segment your audience engagement data to create powerful personalised communications based on live data tracking. React instantly to trends in audience behaviour to deliver a more engaged experience.


Quantify levels of engagement and gain a better understanding of audience flow through your venue. Use the heat mapping functionality to gain a deeper insight into visitor movement to help inform exhibition design.


Use the interactive mapping to create site boundaries and zones. Set parameters to trigger content based on location. Learn valuable insights about what your audience is doing via the app both before, during and after a visit.


Customise how you view your audience data insights. Produce bespoke dashboards, graphs and reports to analyse your data and share with your team to gain real-time insights and powerful research.

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Audience engagement


Audience engagement


Audience engagement


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